Vivek Arora

(Subject matter expert)

Vivek is the Co-Founder and an executive coach, with an experience of over 22 years in the area of development & consultancy. He has coached, conducted workshops and trained over 40,000 employees and consulted companies both in India and overseas. Vivek, in capacity of a practicing psychologist and an executive coach, works with some of the senior leaders in organizations.

Some of his recent projects include; working as an executive coach and mentor to the CEO, CFO of a large multinational media company, personal coach to the finance director of one of the leading BPOs, has been a performance coach on the impact and influencing ability of executive director of a multi-national liquor company, and senior leaders of one of the top five brands of the world, and an executive coach to the chairman of a huge global company.

He has done some phenomenal consulting work across industries. He uses his outstanding histrionic skills to provide a live experience for all of his coachees and also his participants. Vivek cares passionately about the people he works with and combines his solid experience and depth of expertise with a user-friendly approach. Vivek says “I help to inspire confidence as well as pushing boundaries for improvement into high performance, through providing guidance and support to leaders. As a young CEO, I understand the challenges that Senior Executives face in managing both the strategic and day to day operational activities”.

He is a Diploma holder in counselling psychology, Diploma in International Marketing from Middlesex Community College, USA and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Apeejay School of Management, Delhi; he is also a part of Repertory company at National School of Drama, New Delhi. Vivek recently completed his certification in Psychodrama. He has handled assignments in the area of Personal Impact, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Influencing skills, Leadership, Corporate values, Team Building.

Dr. Varun Chitransh 

(Social Media Head & Script Writer)

I still remember the first time I went to see a movie. It was 1994 and I was left in awe. It was the start of my love for cinema and art. I was drawn to the theatres, both live and reel, and used to be mesmerised with it. The confidence, the passion and the storytelling I saw, was something I longed for.

I started writing when I was six years old and the love that started then, has only grown over these years. Here at Drameon, I’m excited to give my dreams the wing it has always desired.

Ajit Gahlot

(Creative and Production Head)

Back in the day, my parents used to run an audio-video library. My father was so passionate towards films that every week he went to Lajpat rai market, and Chandni Chowk to buy new films and audio cassettes. It wasn’t a small feat because from Monday to Friday he used to work. He was an architect. He took time out for his passion, and so I was bitten by the bug called Bollywood. And thus, from my childhood, I became a ‘filmy’ guy. I can confidently say that, “Cinema mere genes mei hai.”

My sister is my first friend, we used to spend a lot of time together, and she introduced me to the world of television serials. On 7th March 2000, on the day of my birthday, I watched a new series “Koshish ek asha.” The series really inspired me, and so I started dreaming of the film industry. I became curious as to how they made these serials & films. I wanted to learn this art. I wanted to be a part of these films. I wanted to create these films.

I researched more about it and finally took admission in a Mass communication course. Then, later, I completed my PG in Film and Television Production. By that time I understood – “Ye chai ki dukaan kholne jaisa nahi hai.” I will have to struggle for it. “Iss badi si duniya mei apni pehchan banana asaan nahi tha.” Being an outsider, without any friends in the industry, it was going to be an incredible challenge.

Cut to –

14 years down the line, I have been a part of almost all big reality shows, and award shows. Have directed celebrities, and half of the people in the television industry are my good friends. I have worked in all departments from casting to direction, from direction to production, and from production to creative. My last job in Mumbai was with a big brand ‘Shemaroo entertainment’. I worked there for more than 3 years.

And now, I am here in Drameon Production, handling creative and production departments. I am enjoying every twist and turn of this new journey. I am writing a new story of my life under my mentor. Fingers crossed, I hope, “ye journey kissa nahi, ek kahaani banegi.”

Sidharth Kalkal 


I believe, as individuals, what makes us truly unique is our philosophy. How we perceive what happens around us. How we filter the events that we experience through the sieve of our minds.

This is what films gave me. A guiding philosophy. I can truly say that, it is my experiences in the theatre, and on blank pages of scripts that my philosophy towards life has been shaped. It is not wrong to say that so much of what I have learnt about life is derived from the experiences of the protagonists and antagonists of the myriads of films I have seen.

So, that is what films mean to me. And it was but natural for me to dive into the process of how this truly unique artform of the modern world works.

Film making is a culmination of so many different arts:

Painting, Literature, Music etc.

And yet, it is much more and quite different than any of them. This is the art form I wish to explore, and I do really enjoy doing it.