Our works

FGD's and Research work

A focus group discussion involves bringing together people with similar backgrounds or experiences to talk about a particular topic of interest. This is a form of qualitative research that allows questions to be posed regarding their outlooks, views, beliefs, attitudes, or opinions. Our subject matter expert meets with employees to gain insight into the state of the team, organization, and its workers. All this data can then be used to create a tailored solution for the client.

Script writing

Once the research is compiled from the subject matter expert, our team of writer, director and creative director sit down together to strategize a tailored story and screenplay for the film. After discussion with the client and incorporating their feedback, the script is written.


Pre-production is the planning process and execution of every task that must take place prior to starting production. It generally commences after the script has been completed, with the director, cinematographer, producer, assistant director, production managers, sound manager and fashion stylists all playing a role. We ensure we have a qualified cast to act in the movie by conducting workshops to equip them for the specific purpose of the film. In film-making there is no margin for error; all depends on successful pre-production.


Once shooting begins, we bring on extra crew, actors rehearse lines and choreograph scenes. The production head ensures all departments are operating smoothly with the resources they need. Camera operators along with grips execute the director and cinematographer's plan to capture all footage. We also find film and sound editors during this period. We usually shoot at our client's offices to keep it realistic.


Once the principal shooting has wrapped up, the post-production phase starts. The video editor and creative director work closely in tandem to assemble shot-by-shot footage and add music and other sound/visual effects. After completion, they present it to the client for evaluation before delivering a final version.